Written by Coimbra Protocol Specialist Michael Cawley

My Clinical Observations of Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) with MS and Other Auto Immune Patients.

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) can be a critical partner for vitamin D3 as it can often be essential for the conversion of vitamin D3 from inactive to active. However riboflavin can be a very dangerous substance as it has the ability to make MS symptoms much worse after just one or two capsules. If this occurs stop the B2 and all symptoms will reverse within 12-24 hours.

5 out of 10 auto immune patients must supplement with riboflavin in order to be able to convert their vitamin D3 from inactive to active. The 50% of auto immune patients who need riboflavin tend to have problems converting It from inactive to active. Riboflavin has to be converted from inactive to active in the intestines before it is able to convert vitamin D3 from inactive to active. Large numbers of MS and other auto immune patients have difficulty converting riboflavin from inactive to active. So supplementation with non pre activated vitamin B2 can be of little value.

Biochemists decided many years ago to start producing riboflavin that was pre activated in a laboratory. Most of the available brands fail to provide a clinical benefit to my patients with the exception of Gall Pharma B2 from Austria and Swanson Vitamins R-5-P from USA. But people can respond better to one brand or the other. Which brand works best can only be determined by testing each product. Beware, both brands have the ability to make you feel unwell and your MS or auto immune symptoms much worse. If you feel worse on either of these products then it is not your imagination and you should cut the dose in half or stop taking it.

A test dose of one morning and evening of either brand is a good place to start. In my clinical observations of the 50 % of patients who need riboflavin, 70 % do very well on Gall Pharma B2 and 20% do very well on Swanson R-5-P .

10 % of patients do great with Swanson vitamin 100 mg vitamin B2 ( which is the only brand of non pre activated Riboflavin, apart from Sensitiva Pharmacy B2 from San Paulo Brazil) that consistently delivers impressive clinical results.

Start on one morning and evening for a week and if it goes well, try an extra pill before bed. Experiment to see what dose works best for you. Because riboflavin can make people worse I do not recommend it in the first month of treatment until a baseline for how the patient responds to vitamin D3 and some quality magnesiums has been established.

If all forms of riboflavin make you feel ill it simply means your body does not need it.

Always monitor how you feel after you take riboflavin as many of my patients can start off doing amazing on 2-3 a day and within a month thrive on a lower dose.

About the author

Michael Cawley is a trained Coimbra Protocol Specialist and with a background in nutrition. He has MS himself and knows therefore much of the agony his patients are going through and have experienced first hand how this protocol can help them. To get in touch with him about the treatment you can email him at cawleymjd@gmail.com


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