The Miracle and Importance with Magnesium on the Coimbra Protocol

Magnesium update from Dr Cicero Coimbra

«Since February 2017 we are trying to reach 800 to 1,200 mg of elemental magnesium (depending on body weight) per day divided into 4 doses. Please remember that we were already using 400 mg per day divided into 4 doses. So, if you decide to use magnesium citrate (for instance) remember that only 18% of magnesium citrate corresponds to elemental magnesium. Extra magnesium is given one hour before meals and at bed time to avoid diarrhea. Doses should be decreased if diarrhea does occur in spite of that.

Disclaimer: There are no kick backs, afiiliates or financial pay outs for the supplements mentioned.


1) It provides much better emotional control;

2) It fights osteoporosis;

3) Magnesium is required as co-factor for vitamin D hydroxylases;

4) Correction of magnesium deficiency provides powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

5) Higher doses of magnesium compensates for urinary loss of magnesium induced by high doses of vitamin D (probably because vitamin D favors calcium reabsorption from glomerular filtrate – calcium competes with magnesium and magnesium is lost in urine);

6) It provides higher level of safety: magnesium antagonizes calcium at several levels (including at the level of intestinal absorption);

7) 80% of occidental population is magnesium deficient;

In addition, patients should never take proton pump inhibitors or soft drinks of cola.

Perianal area should be washed with antiseptic soaps after each bowel movement. In patients with history of retention type of neurogenic bladder or history of recurrent urinary tract infection, an antibiotic ointment should be applied topically after washing the same area, and reapplied after bath. Probiotics should be taken 1 hour before breakfast to change intestinal microbiota into a healthier one. That effectively prevents urinary tract infections. Pyelonephritis is currently our main cause of hypercalcemia in our patients».

Written by

Cícero Galli Coimbra, neurologist, Ph.D.
Director of the Laboratory of Neuropathology & Neuroprotection of UNIFESP (Federal University of São Paulo); also Associate Professor in the same institution.

My Clinical Observations on Magnesium by Coimbra Protocol Specialist Michael Cawley


Magnesium is an essential mineral found in green vegetables, nuts, beans and seafood. Magnesium transports Vitamin D3 around the body and helps to convert vitamin D3 from inactive to active. For this reason, it is a critical partner of Vitamin D3 in helping prevent and control auto immune illness. The daily consumption of doses of Vitamin D3 above 20,000 iu (500mcg) per day will increase the bodies magnesium requirements. If high doses of vitamin D3 are taken for extended periods of time without adequate magnesium in diet and supplements then the following symptoms can emerge, bone pain, weakness, insomnia, palpitations and anxiety. Even with the Rolls Royce of magnesium’s it is wise to keep in mind that the dose of each product will vary from patient to patient. Too much or too little of the ‘right’ Magnesium’s can cause MS symptoms. I use and recommend a cocktail of three separate magnesium’s carefully selected over a period of 10 years solely on the basis of clinical merit.

In the world of magnesium it’s all about purity and bioavailability. All of the following products score very highly in this area.

Neural Magtein From Magceutics

A special form of magnesium that has a higher bioavailability in the brain and spine than any other product. Magceutics supply over a dozen companies with Magtein but once sold they have no control over the finished product. The clinical benefit of Magtein from Magceutics is vastly superior to the clinical benefit of Magtein from many of the companies they supply. This product regularly causes Vitamin D3 to behave in a remarkably positive way.

Average dose is one or two capsules.

Magnesium Chloride From Good State

Standard Magnesium chloride sold throughout the world has a large particle size which equals low bio availability. Good State manufacture a very pure Nano particle sized magnesium chloride in liquid and capsules, which have a very high bioavailability.

The average dose taken is 4-5 capsules daily.

Dr. Caroline Dean author of «The Magnesium Miracle» pioneered the use of Pico Ionic Sized Magnesium Chloride in liquid form which is smaller in diameter than the body’s cell mineral ion channels. I discontinued using her product as I found Good State magnesium to achieve better results.

Magnesium Citrate from Life Extension

I don’t know which laboratory Life Extension are buying this citrate from but it is the only brand of magnesium Citrate I have used that gives significant clinical benefit to MS and auto immune patients. The average dose of magnesium Citrate is 2-5 capsules per day.

The higher the quality of magnesium you use the less vitamin D3 will be needed to manage your disease and the more likely you are to notice significant benefits from Vitamin D3 supplementation.

If you encounter serious nausea or diarrhoea or a serious worsening of MS symptoms, when taking magnesium it often is an indicator for heavy metal poisoning. 4-12 weeks on or PectaClear and PectaSol from EcoNugenics and patients are usually free to take as much magnesium as they like. These products help reduce levels of toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury and uranium.

I have an MS patient who has done amazingly well on the protocol. She takes 50,000 iu of micellized Vitamin D3 per day with 2 life Extension Magnesium Citrate, 3 Ion Magnesium capsules and one Magceutics Magtein. One Magtein per day her and her brain fog and insomnia disappear. However if she takes a second Magtein per day her brain fog returns and she suffers faecal incontinence.

Another MS patient who suffered with lack of urinary control, poor balance and weak legs. Her symptoms are controlled with 40,000 iu of normal Vitamin D3, 3 ion magnesium and 2 Magtein.( She cannot take Life Extension Magnesium Citrate as even one capsule instantly causes pain in her neck). When she reduces Magtein to one per day all her MS symptoms return (As if she is not taking any vitamin D3 at all).

I have another MS patient who was doing very well on 20,000 iu of Vitamin D3 and all her symptoms returned when taking one Magtein per day for two weeks. These patients experiences highlight the importance of listening to your body’s responses to all Magnesium supplements.

These are no ordinary magnesium supplements. Their high purity means they can flow around the body and they may interact with heavy metals located in the brain or spine. This interaction will always increase MS symptoms.

When starting the Coimbra Protocol always allow 3 days between the introduction of each Magnesium. If it generates an increase in MS symptoms then reduce the dose or discontinue the product.

Unfortunately the majority of magnesium supplements on the market are low in purity and offer low bio availability. Magnesium supplements that are low purity can cause spasms and headaches in MS patients.»

Written by Michael Cawley, Coimbra Protocol Specialist

P.S When Michael Cawley has been asked if he insist of certain brands he has answered

«I do not insist on using certain brands. I recommend products that cause less side effetcs and are more effective at getting better results».

About the authors

Cícero Galli Coimbra, neurologist, Ph.D, the doctor and founder of the Coimbra Protocol

Director of the Laboratory of Neuropathology & Neuroprotection of UNIFESP (Federal University of São Paulo); also Associate Professor in the same institution.

“Seeing MS patients getting back to a normal life, young people no longer at risk of

going blind or paraplegic – such experience gives great satisfaction to the doctor who

has them under his/her care. It has been very gratifying.”

Dr. Cícero Coimbra

Michael Cawley is a trained Coimbra Protocol Specialist and with a background in nutrition. He has MS himself and knows therefore much of the agony his patients are going through and have experienced first hand how this protocol can help them. To get in touch with him about the treatment you can email him at

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