Understanding Vitamin D3

written by Michael Cawley, Coimbra Protocol Specialist

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Vitamin D3 manufactured from sunlight and ingested in supplements is inactive until it is converted in the kidneys, bones, intestines and brain to ‘activated’ vitamin D3. Only activated Vitamin D3 reverses damage to myelin and suppresses auto immune activity. Inactive Vitamin D3 is of no medical value.

Every person has a different level of vitamin D3 that their body is capable of converting.

When the body is given more Vitamin D3 than it can convert, the excess unconverted Vitamin D3 can sometimes be treated as an allergic compound and the body will manifest new symptoms of disease progression. These symptoms can include nausea, fatigue, light headedness, extreme weakness or even severe neurological problems. These symptoms disappear when the dose is lowered.

90% of auto immune patients have very high levels of vitamin D3 conversion but 10% do not. Generally high doses of vitamin D3 make auto immune patients feel great but for a small group of patients this is not the case.

Another tiny subset of patients cannot convert more than 10,000 iu of normal vitamin D3 either from sunshine or supplements. These patients usually thrive on micellized vitamin D3. Micellized vitamin D3 is converted in the lymph system instead of the usual conversion sites. I have personally tested all brands of Micellized Vitamin D3. New Beginnings Micellized Vitamin D3 gets the best results.

If you feel unwell on both forms of Vitamin D3 above 10,000 iu then there is a high probability you have been poisoned. This is normally solved with Pectaclear.

The maximum amount of Vitamin D3 a person can naturally produce from a day’s sun exposure is 20,000 iu. This dose, does not require blood tests or medical supervision in 99% of adults (once a calcium restricted diet is followed). However a tiny number may not be aware that they have a problem with a serum calcium level that is always at a high normal. So for this reason I recommend that all people who choose to take 20,000 iu daily, get a serum calcium and albumin test 4 weeks  after starting 20,000 iu, just to be certain you are safe from accidental calcium poisoning due to pre-existing kidney trouble. Otherwise don’t take any risks and stay on 10,000 iu per day. To read about a clinical study of 14 000 iu of vitamin D3 a day – go here

The reason Albumin needs to be checked is as follows,

Albumin is a protein commonly measured in blood. When it is high or low it can distort the serum calcium measurement making it appear either or lower than, it really is. When labs see albumin and serum calcium measured simultaneously they always give a ‘corrected’ or ‘adjusted’ calcium result which is always the more reliable result.

Staying hydrated and avoiding milk, cheese, yogurt and nuts is mandatory to greatly reduce the risk of calcium toxicity.

Even 20,000 iu (500mcg) of vitamin D3 with an adequate supply of magnesium can have life changing benefits for many auto immune patients in terms of slowing disease progression and improving quality of life. Many newly diagnosed MS patients have experienced spectacular improvements on just 20,000 iu when it is combined with the right magnesium’s like Good State Ion Magnesium capsules or Liquid, Life Extension Magnesium Citrate and Magtein (only direct from the manufacturer), to read more about magnesium, go here 

People without auto immune problems gain significant health protection when supplementing with 10,000 iu (250mcg) per day.

For more information about the Coimbra Protocol, go here

  For normal healthy people Dr Coimbra recommends 10 000 iu a day.


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Michael Cawley is a trained Coimbra Protocol Specialist and with a background in nutrition. He has MS himself and knows therefor much of the agony his patients are going through and have experienced first hand how this protocol can help them. To get in touch with him about the treatment you can email him at cawleymjd@gmail.com



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