What is micellized vitamin D3?

Last summer I tried some micellized vitamin D3 as a part of my  journey embarking on the Coimbra Protocol.  It didnt work for me, but I know it works for other people, perhaps especially those with very white skin who react with strong discomfort to sit in sunlight for 5-10 minutes. Below my Coimbra Protocol Doctor describes Micellized Vitamin D3.

About Micellized vitamin D3 written by Michael Cawley

«All vitamin D3 made from sun exposure or ingested in supplements is of no medical value until it is converted fro inactive to active in the kidneys, bones or intestines.

About 10 % of humans have lost the ability to convert D3 and therefor sun exposure and vitamin D3 supplements will be of no medical value to them.

Scientists became aware of this problem and invented micellized D3 to get around this biological flaw. Micellized Vitamin D3 is vitamin D3 that is hidden inside a micelle which is a nano sized lipid. When ingested the macrophages of the immune system will quickly surround and transport the micelle to the lymph glands for destruction, as they belive to be a pathogen. Once inside the lymph gland – the micelle is quickly destroyed releasing the molecule of vitamin D3 that is hidden inside. The lymph glands are bathed in vitamin D3 conversion enzyme. The vitamin D3 is activated and then spreads through the body via the lymph system.

This form of vitamin D3 is also heavily dependant upon riboflavin and magnesium for its conversion and transportation in the body.

The most clinically useful brand of micellized vitamin D3 is made by a US company called New Beginnings.

People who cannot convert vitamin D3 will often feel fatigued, depressed or sick to their stomach when supplementing with normal vitamin D3. Some people like myself need both types of vitamin D3 to control MS or other auto immune illnesses.»


About the author

Michael Cawley is a trained Coimbra Protocol Specialist and with a background in nutrition. He has MS himself and knows therefore much of the agony his patients are going through and have experienced first hand how this protocol can help them. To get in touch with him about the treatment you can email him at cawleymjd@gmail.com


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